Melissa Hield serves as the executive director, producer, and interviewer for PHIT video projects. A founding member of PHIT, she has worked with Jim Cullers, Richard Croxdale, and Glenn Scott on successful projects since 1976. She is an executive at a Texas state agency who specializes in strategic, business, and project planning. Hield has a M.A. in American Civilization from The University of Texas at Austin.

Richard Croxdale is a professor of economics at Austin Community College. He has been director of research for People’s History in Texas since 1979 and has been involved in every project as the principal researcher, scriptwriter, and editor.

Jim Cullers owns Multi-Media Associates. He is an independent video producer and videographer who has completed a wide range of instructional, documentary, promotional, and commercial videos for clients including Texas Electric Cooperatives, the New Orleans Museum of Art, Austin Community College, and the City of Austin – Xeriscape Board and Austin Energy Services. He is currently the University of Texas at Austin Longhorn Band videographer. He produced a documentary of the band trip to the Rose Bowl with the champion UT Longhorns.

Glenn Scott was one of the founding members of People’s History in Texas. In her capacity as Board Chair for PHIT, she recruits scholars, civic leaders and Texas history enthusiasts to support the mission of PHIT. More recently, she has been actively involved in organizational development for PHIT. She is the author of articles on adult education and training materials for the Texas Federation of Teachers and the National Labor College.

Melanie Scruggs is the web master volunteer. She is a 2012 graduate of the Plan II Honors Program at University of Texas at Austin, where she received Model Thesis recognition for her project, The Rise and Fall of the Rag: Problems for Alternative Media in a Radical Movement’s Decline.