Brad Blanton

“The people who owned the theater chain in New York were embarrassed, particularly by the demonstration out there talking about the other demonstrations, and about them maintaining segregation. When they integrated all at once is like we certainly were victorious. We integrated 90 to 120 theaters. I can’t remember how many but a lot of theaters it was were suddenly […]

Bruce Auden

“It really was the wine that had the biggest impact for the restaurant scene because we could sell wines and use wines that were high quality. You don’t see change unless you were there when it was different. Jim Hightower was a totally different person from everybody we’ve had since him…I just took it for granted that what he was […]

About Us

“Texas Camelot: the Hightower Years at the Texas Department of Agriculture” Jim Hightower was elected to two terms of office as Agriculture Commissioner (1983-1991). In the eight years he ran the Texas Department of Agriculture, an amazing team of activists and policy analysts that he recruited and enabled built a legacy of agricultural achievements that are models for the rest […]