Affiliated Organizations

Humanities Texas

Texas flag opened up like a book with the blue on the left with a star and the white and red on the right

Humanities Texas offers classroom resources and professional development for teachers to provide students with a holistic education about Texas’ history.

Austin Beloved Community

Drawing of a black lady on her knees blowing a dandelion into the wind

Austin Beloved Community is a project by filmmaker Anne Lewis that brings to life Austin’s history. Complete with an interactive map, you’re likely to find that you’re not standing too far from a significant event.

The Rag Blog

Red star in the background with a hand holding a feather front of it

The Rag (that’s right, that one!) is still going strong. As part of the New Journalism Project, the Rag carries their countercultural spirit through today with blog posts, a radio show, and books.

Briscoe Center for American History

logo with a blue B and red C intersecting

Our work would not be possible without the Dolph Briscoe Center for American History’s extensive archives. If you’re interested in browsing People’s History in Texas materials at the archive, here is a resource guide.