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• October is Texas Wine Month

• Texas Wine Dictionary

• Fire Ant Tales You Couldn’t Make Up

• More fire ant tales

Sandra Tenorio – Texas Camelot Mourns Her Passing

Remembrances by Jim Hightower, Rebecca Flores, Jon Fisher and Heather Ball

Farm Aid II and Willie’s 4th of July Picnic: the Backstory

“If you see Willie, tell him we said thanks”

  • Juneteenth 1865: How Black Texans Emerged from Economic Bondage
  • What Happened to 40 Acres and A Mule?  
April 2023 Earth Day on the Farm
  • Earth Day on the Farm
  • Texas Agriculture: Growing a Sustainable Economy
  • A Greenprint for Action
  • PHiT Tiktoks Celebrate Earth Day in Agriculture
  • PHiT Substack: Rebecca Solnit and Paying Attention to History
  • Early Black Populists in Texas
  • Black Farmers and the New Deal in Texas
  • Black Farmer Conferences
  • Reversing Black Farm Loss
  • Legacy: Texas Home to Almost One Quarter of all Black Farmers Today
  • Mentoring Today’s Leaders
  • Memorable Mentors: Larry Goodwin, Lacy Fryer, Susan DeMarco, Sam Biscoe, Judy

  • Preserving Indigenous Food Systems
  • Gallery of Stars: Susan DeMarco
October 2022 – Celebrating Texas Wine
  • Celebrating Texas Winemakers
  • Celebrate Texas Wineries!

  • Federal Government Threatens Treason Over Hormone-Free Beef
  • How Mavericks Make History
  • Direct Action Makes Maverick History in Texas
June 2022 – Remembering John Vlcek
  • John Vlcek: People Need to be Stretched and Challenged