Brigid Shea

“The (Clean Water Action) canvass had a unique ability to literally be this foot soldier army that could go out door-to-door and reach people who may not show up elsewhere, but who really agreed with the idea of better protections for the environment, and eliminating excessive use of pesticides that were poisoning people, and making opportunities for organic farmers to sell their produce. Hightower was the genesis of that. I saw that flourish under him. I’ve been really struck that he doesn’t get credit for it, and that there are genuine efforts to erase him from history.”

Brigid Shea came to Texas as the program director for Clean Water Action, where she helped create the programs and the policy initiatives for the organization, including support for the Texas Department of Agriculture’s programs such as organic certification, farmers markets and increased pesticide regulation. Brigid took a leave of absence to work on Hightower’s unsuccessful re-election bid, and then went on to become an Austin City Council Member and Travis County commissioner.

Brigid Shea headshot