David Currie

“In the agricultural world, what we’re doing with these farmers markets, in the GDP of the agriculture of Texas it’s not huge, but to the individuals that come here and sell these products, it may be why they get to keep living in this community. The other young lady that came after me, Bernadette (Pfieffer), the African American woman. That stretched me. I told John, “You’re hiring an African American woman to go work with farmers?” He said, “They need to be stretched, they need to be challenged.” You gotta at least be able to relate to them. But she did a good job. And that’s where he helped me grow. John would stretch me. I was good pretty good for a high school graduation class of five, to have gotten that far.”

David Currie was recruited by John Vlcek to organize farmers markets and later became special assistant to the director of marketing. John asked him to start six to eight farmers markets a year. He started 50 in three years. David also became the department’s sheep and goat specialist. He went on to serve as the executive director of Texas Baptists Committed for 22 years. David is now a homebuilder and rancher in the San Angelo area.

Photo of David currie