Jennifer Bailey

“No matter how the brand changed, Taste of Texas products still today, international, national, and local markets always sell. Opening markets for products, giving opportunities for small producers to market their product and gain visibility in the market so they can grow, and have a homegrown product that is recognizable in the market is the seed that was planted by the Taste of Texas program that still resonates in the market today. The symbol may have changed, but the message is still the same.”

Jennifer Bailey first and only job has been with the Texas Department of Agriculture. She started as an ag business development specialist under Jim Hightower and retired as district director for the Houston office. When she started, there was no easily accessible internet. She helped assemble the information for the pick-your-own Christmas tree directory, the blueberry pick-your-own directory and the farmers market directory. The directories were designed to tell the average consumer, here are some places that you can venture out and do things on the weekend and support your local Texas business.

Photo of Jennifer Bailey smiling