Lacy Fryer (D)

“Lacy (Fryer) took me underneath his wing. I would not have been a regional director had he not been here. Before he left, he said, I have been training you, I’ve been watching you for years because I want to leave a legacy behind. I want someone to follow in my footsteps to make sure that the things that have been done in the Department of Agriculture are carried on. I feel that you’re the person that can step in my shoes… I’ll coach you in the background, but I’ve been coaching you all along. You’re good at it,” recalls protege Jennifer Bailey.”

Lacy Fryer served as Regional Director of the Texas Department of Agriculture, where he retired after 36 years. He was the first African-American to be employed by TDA. During his tenure, he received numerous accolades for his outstanding service to the State of Texas.