Paula de la Fuente

“I feel like the work we did at TDA (Texas Department of Agriculture) during the Hightower years was very heart-based. Really, truly, you have to have a heart, you have to have a conscience, in order to care about Mother Earth, sustainable living and care about the children that are exposed to pesticides, proper nutrition and all those things. We would always say, buy at a farmers market, you’re shopping local, you’re helping the local economy. The money stays in the community, the farmer will go back and buy groceries in town and gas at the gas station so it’s a win-win.“

Paula de la Fuente was hired to help interested farmers create farmers markets in their communities. She also helped organize the annual direct marketing conference. Farmers from all over the state would attend the workshops and breakout sessions to learn how to more profitably market their products and add value to their products.