Pauline Medrano

“We went door-to-door into the different neighborhoods and found out neighborhood associations, PTAs, we promoted them however we could. It was grassroots. It was churches, PTAs, neighborhood associations, neighborhood groups. We’d say, ‘We want to start a farmers market. What would be a good day? What would be a good morning?’ Olmos Park (San Antonio) said, Monday morning. And that’s when we did it, Monday morning. Tuesdays were another neighborhood.“

Pauline Medrano was TDA’s Dallas District Director. She was concerned that, as a city girl, she didn’t know anything about agriculture. Jim Hightower reassured her, ‘You eat, don’t you? That’s enough.’ Pauline brought her experience organizing people to launch some of the first farmers markets in Texas. She went door-to-door and farmer-to-farmer until they found all the farmers willing to participate. These local farmers’ markets were revolving. It would go to several neighborhoods on separate days. Pauline promoted them, and the farmers sold everything that they brought in by mid-morning. Pauline currently serves as the elected Treasurer for Dallas County.

pauline medrano smiling