Susie Reid

“Working with Hightower and the work every day were the best part of my life…It was really fun…There aren’t so many people like Jim Hightower… I worked with Hightower for probably 10 years in the different things he did, and I just loved it.. My husband was kind of happy when it ended, because sometimes I didn’t get home until 10 o’clock. I’d tell him you’d better go ahead and eat dinner. It was such fun. And I thought he was doing a good thing to help the farmers.”

Susie Reid was the publication chief for JIm Hightower at both the Texas Observer and the Texas Department of Agriculture. Heather Ball recalls working with Susie one night at 1:30 am to finish a publication on time. The Governor, Bill Clements, had threatened to line-item veto the budget for the Texas Department of Agriculture and lay off all the staff. Susie remarked, “Some of us might not mind a pink slip right now.”

Picture of Susie Reid