Texas and the National Organic Label part 6

Kathleen Merrigan was a key player in the legislative creation of a National Organic Standard.  Passage of a national organic standard had to be accomplished without the help of the United States Department of Agriculture.  Fortunately, Merrigan had the support of the Texas Department of Agriculture. Kathleen Merrigan hailed from Massachusetts. For some bizarre reason, she went “abroad” and enrolled […]

Texas Organic  Label     part 1

Texas Organic Label part 1

Texas has Bragging Rights to the First Organic Label in the United States Yep!   Texas!  Who would have thunk it.  Texas!  First in the nation! Wait a minute!!.  What??  The first?  Yes…dear readers.  Texas has bragging rights!  Yet you won’t hear the current Agriculture Commissioner ever mention it, nor will you hear it from any of the Ag. Commissioners […]