Casey Hayden

“I wanted to do direct action.“ Casey Hayden (she was known then as Sandra Cason) had been instrumental in organizing the Students for Direct Action, based in the University Y near the campus. Her group talked and decided on a creative strategy. They would all go in a group, line up, ask to buy a ticket for themselves and their […]

Brad Blanton

“The people who owned the theater chain in New York were embarrassed, particularly by the demonstration out there talking about the other demonstrations, and about them maintaining segregation. When they integrated all at once is like we certainly were victorious. We integrated 90 to 120 theaters. I can’t remember how many but a lot of theaters it was were suddenly […]

The Stand-Ins (2013)

In 1960, a group of civil rights activists in Austin staged a “stand-in” at the movie theater on Guadalupe Street to protest segregation. This is their history. 7th Grade Lesson Plan 11th Grade Lesson Plan