Paula de la Fuente

“I feel like the work we did at TDA (Texas Department of Agriculture) during the Hightower years was very heart-based. Really, truly, you have to have a heart, you have to have a conscience, in order to care about Mother Earth, sustainable living and care about the children that are exposed to pesticides, proper nutrition and all those things. We […]

Leroy Biggers

“I told John (Vlcek), ‘I’d like to put up a market here in Tyler’… So we had a meeting and we had about 15 to 16 producers in East Texas to show up for the meeting and explain to them what we was trying to do. But then I went on the Horace McQueen Show and advertised it and promoted […]

Robert Maggiani

“(T)hat’s another legacy relationship that we have, industry has, with HEB, because Hightower and the staff really put a lot of energy into making it happen. We did a lot of behind the scenes work that nobody saw but it did make it happen. HEB did a lot of promotions, still do a lot of promotion. They have a big […]

David Currie

“In the agricultural world, what we’re doing with these farmers markets, in the GDP of the agriculture of Texas it’s not huge, but to the individuals that come here and sell these products, it may be why they get to keep living in this community. The other young lady that came after me, Bernadette (Pfieffer), the African American woman. That […]